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The name StreetLigion comes from the combination of street and religion; bringing the two dynamics together. In 1999 founder and CEO Cedric Bellamy saw that the gap between the street and church needed to be bridged so he began an outreach program. By 2012 StreetLigion LLC was established and was an one army ran business until 2015 with the addition of LizAri Kaine as the Vice President. Aside from being an intricate part of the community, StreetLigion is also a brand with many hats; record label, production, management, artist development, shoe company, and an apparel line soon to come.

The music that comes from StreetLigion artists is unlike any current artist of today. There are currently 4 artist on the roster right now; Legacy (MC), Sence The Way (Rapper), Shwon (Neo Soul), and LizAri Kaine (Singer/Rapper). What makes StreetLigion even more unique is that we are able to help our artist even though we are not in the same location. When it comes to being a part of StreetLigion you’re not only bringing your own individual talent(s) to the team but, you are also going to learn and cultivate other talents that are beneficial to the team. StreetLigion is all about helping others better themselves, whether you’re a part of StreetLigion or not. As the CEO always reminds us “The sun is bright enough for all of us to partake in.”

To help raise money while doing things for the community, StreetLigion has a shoe deal with aliveshoes.com where there are currently 10 custom designed pairs of shoes available for purchase; 9 unisex and 1 stiletto with many more female inspired designs to come. As well, there is an apparel line that is in the works that will feature hoodies, pants, T-shirts, hats, and more. Everything that StreetLigion does is with the future in mind.

The motto of StreetLigion, “The Movement Is Deeper Than The Music”, is simple yet powerful, meaningful, and impactful. Reaching the masses and teaching them is the goal, while accomplishing it through more than music.